Orga Mixroom 2017


Hello @gurbain @Kwandika

We can’t connect on viber, the link goes to itunes. Please can you give another link to access the group?

Who is gonna create the playlist on youtube channel ?

Thank you for your answers

Marilyne for MSX MG

cc @Clarissa


I don’t know why you can’t connect :confused: I try to give you another link , I do have enter clarissa number but she don’t appear on viber so maybe it’s not the good app she have ?
we are creating the playlist with gabriel but didn’t find the acces to the mixroom channel, sorry I just realize it 30mn ago :slight_smile:


we put it on the global and I will transfer on the mixroom channel


ok, la vidéo du Brésil est sur le FTP @gurbain @Kwandika


Here is the Youtube playlist link for the plenary