Panamerican intercommunity meeting

Hi @verob @RachelBSL @tart2000 @etiennerichard @MarialyaB

How are you everyone,

You know that since our 1st edition in Mexico we haven’t be able to make it to europe to the intercommunity meetings. We know that we are loosing a great opportunity to exchange, learn and collaborate with the other communities. That is why, we were wondering at MuseomixMX the possibility of organizing a panamerican intercommunity meeting following the dates of the intercommunity ones in France. Does anyone will be interested on doing this? We could host it in Canada or Mexico or Brazil.

It also could be a good idea to do some collective effort to have funds for the travel for instance.

What do yo think?

Have a nice day

Hi @verob @RachelBSL @tart2000 @etiennerichard @MarialyaB

Hello again,
No one interested? :frowning:

Hi Paula,

We, MuseomixQc, like this idea very much and we would be willing to come to Mexico in May for a pan American meeting. We could also help organize it.

Our organisation can afford to send one or two persons and maybe already already raised their hands!


Hi @paula_grg !
I’m going back to France in a couple of weeks so won’t be running that, but there might be some Museomix MTL people interested. I’ll let them know there’s something in the air…

Excelent @verob ! Very good news! Vero, let’s start to organize it which dates will be possible for you guys?

Hi @tart2000, So are you going back for good? I will contact Lucie and Justine then. Which dates do you think it would be good for you?