Please help me with Museomix info

Hi everybody

I hope that everything is going fine at your Museomix communities.

Here in Ecuador we are starting with the communication strategy and for that we want to use some amazing data about Museomix

That is why I wanted to know if you have information about how many countries, how many museums, and how many people around the world have been part of Museomix since it was created.

We also want to be able to say ¿What is Museomix? in all different languages from the countries we’re Museomix takes place.

So please help us with the information in order to be able to create our presentation video for the AperoMIX that is going to happen on June 13th.

Hope you can help me whit the information!


Hi Gabriela

In Dutch it is as simple as " Wat is Museomix? " and it is pronounced the same as in English.

For the information, I know last year we had 10 museums in 8 countries, or that’s what we said in our press communication at least :slight_smile: I don’t know the total of all years combined.

Good luck with the Aperomix!

Hello Gabriela,

Here is Switzerland we are developing an infographics with the key figures: numbers of countries and museums since 2011. It is still work under progress, but I am happy to send it to you for your Aperomix of June 13th. Please drop me a mail: (I am responsible for communications for Museomix CH).



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