Portuguese translations: Help needed now! :-)

Hi, and especially @Marcela-Bresil and your community :slight_smile:

It would be greatly useful for Museomixers who are native Portuguese speakers if we could work together on translating the following docs in Portuguese:

the form here: https://form.jotformpro.com/71633546564966
the call for participants page here: http://www.museomix.org/appel-a-participants-2017/
The profiles and skills page: http://www.museomix.org/profils-et-competences-2014/
the vision here: http://www.museomix.org/a-propos/

If a few native Portuguese speakers could help on that, it can be quite quickly done.

Volunteers can start from the english or french version, depending on what works better for them.

Translations are then automatically accessible thanks to the dropdown menu at the top of the website (if they exist for this page):

If you are willing to help, please ‘raise your hand’ here, and I will help you by sending you the raw texts, giving you access, etc.

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Hi there,
Thank you for the advice.
We are working hard on the translations but one day was not enough for making something good and right. We will post at the Drive tomorrow and let you know, Julien.

Saudações do Brasil,


Hi everyone,
I can help to portuguese translation !
Je peux aider pou les traductions !

Eu posso ajudaar para a traduçao, vou a ver tudo isso a fim de semana !

Museomix Ouest (França)

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Hello everybody!!!

Our community in Brazil translated the four documents!
It is available on the drive through the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwOzHkuLac3vZXlTZTloV1JVQ1E

Let us know if everything is okay! :wink:

@juliendorra, would you please fill the informations on the website?

Last weekend we produced the document requested by @Marilyne, the “museum presentation” and we also made it available on the drive, in English.
Soon we’ll translate it to Portuguese and we’ll send it to you, okay?

Merci beaucoup!

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Hey @priscila

I sent you the credentials to access the website and update your content. I already created the content you sent in English, but I will not have the time to do more…
Please try, and let me know if it’s alright.

Msx Midi Py