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Dear Community,

I’ve been rehearsing this message for some time and I finally did it :slight_smile:

I would like first to present myself:

Laura Maringoni, 37 years, Brazilian, cultural manager.
My work is to help on the creation and development of cultural projects and also in its articulation, planning and achievement.
You can find more information here:

I am also a political-poetic activist and I develop actions with a group called Aparelhamento,
Our last project:
And some others: , , ,

My connection with Museomix:
The first time I got in touch with the project was in 2013, through @cmonnet, @yam and @juliettegiraudpro . At the time the idea was to bring Museomix to Brazil, but I did not had the prerequisites for it :frowning:

In 2015 Adeline Lepine contacted me with the same desire and I made myself available to help as much as possible. She started a contact with the French Embassy in Brazil and in 2016 she asked me for help to organize a first round of the project presentation in São Paulo. My help was mainly in activate and invite the institutional contacts for the meeting and sharing what I knew about the project during the conversation.

The relationship with the Embassy began at this time, as well as their desire to spread the project in Brazil and encourage its achievement. In this way, commissioned by the embassy and working with them, we set up a diffusion strategy for the project.

Here is a brief summary of what has been done so far:

Make the project known
• We’ve organized @MarialyaB and @Fabrice_Denise1 travel to São Paulo and created a prolific agenda for the visit – presentations, institutional meetings, visits to institutions and fablabs, meetings, aperomix, etc.
• We print and distribute a postcard for a specific target audience.
• We made meetings for the project articulation with institutions and governmental organizations.
• Meetings and project presentations in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Recife.
• We translate some information, create and share a simple pdf about the project - this presentation has been running for a year and a half, it seems to work!
• Facebook page for the project in Brazil.

Bring people closer to the project
• We’ve helped to organized and conducted a study trip with a Brazilian committee at Museomix in 2016 in Lezoux and Nyon.

Project appropriation
• In August of this year we did training activities with @celia_cbo , @MarialyaB and @cmonnet in the cities of Recife, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo for 15 consecutive days, it was exhausting, but it was BEAUTIFUL!

Acculturation and information
• We have been working on reference materials for some time, ranging from cost estimates to a small guide to project organization. The information is shared with the local communities as they get ready and I have the impression that they are useful material. At the same time we are talking about a country of giant scale and differences, I have the impression that each city will create its own experience and this seems wonderful!
• The first edition of Museomix in Brazil happened in Belo Horizonte this year. I couldn’t be there to follow, but I only receive good news.

Next steps
• I created here for Brazil a committee with people with different profiles (reproducing the museomixers profiles). The idea is that they can advise the projects and activate specific networks in each region. I’m still not sure how this is going to work or what involvement will be needed, I have the impression that will be drawn case by case.
• There is a desire to make Museomix 2018 editions in São Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro - for Rio the contacts are being activated in the last weeks.
• I care a “little-lot” about 2018 = elections + world cup + crisis… if the cultural scene in Brazil is already difficult, this certainly will not be an easier year :confused:
• I think the possibilities of financing the project are complex, but let’s try it!!!

I think it could be nice if we could have more information over the Museomix organization in Belo Horizonte, maybe @Marcela-Bresil and @priscila could share with us their budget and other useful information, I think it could be really helpful :slight_smile:

I will try to be more present here :)))))
I’m also available for exchanges and to help in what is needed.

Wishing you all the best and a great new year!!!



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Welcome Laura on Community!