Promotion on the general Museomix social media accounts (@Museomix)

Hi everyone! I didn’t any topic alike so I started this one. I wanted to know how a community can have help to promote its stuff from the @Museomix social media accounts.

Tonight, the MuseomixBE’s communication cell posted the first episode of the 9-day campaign for the announcement of the museum and the promotion of an 14th June event. We wanted to do something fun, outside of the box, enhancing the museum collection and buzzworthy (let’s be ambitious). We fell in love with a little eathenware frog in the museum we’ll remix this year. We gave it a name and a story. The campaign tells the tale of René the frog who is looking for its way back to its museum, after being kidnapped by MuseomixBE. We’ll need as many likes, shares, comments as possible from the general accounts and the other communities.

We hope you guys will enjoy the story we have created.

:v: Take look at the 1st episode of #TheTaleofReneTheFrog: & :v:


@Kwandika for social media


Hello Christelle, I missed it, I’m so sorry. I was thinking that maybe we could post an album with the all story of René the Frog on the facebook page, what do you think ?

Thank you for your proposal. Yes, that could be great. When do you think we can publish that alb

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Hey Christelle :slight_smile:
What do you think about next week ?
I only see 6 pictures on your facebook page, do you have a file to share with the all pictures and texts or can you please tag @museomix so I don’t miss anything and have them in the right order ?
Thanks :slight_smile: