Prototypes 2017


The better should be an account by team :stuck_out_tongue: but at least per language


ok Samy, thank you very much, I understand. I tried again with the link and it was in french this time ! so I wait for the teams returns, and I hope it will work !


Hi! I am uploading the prototypes from the spanish edition and , in the ES tab, there is still no chance to put the name of the location and the museum, so we cannot upload the fiche… Could that be fixed? Thanks a lot in advance. @Marilyne


On which screen ? I will fix it ASAP


in the Add new prototype ES. Thanks a lot!
I did it in french and duplicate it.


@Mariana please check if the page of your museum is existing and if the place 2017 for Sapin is existing.

@Ros , I get you mail about the problem in the header of the page. Please @samy could you help ? The footer is appearing in the header of the page (same problem as Brasil). The page are looking good in French.

Thanks !!!


@Mariana I created the page in Spanish, there were not existing that is why you couldn’t find them to fill in the prototype :

please could you check and complete the content if needed ?


Thank you Marilyne, It works!!


Par contre @Marilyne, dans la page Irun on espagnole on ne peux pas ajouter la section “Retour de l’expérience” ? Merci encore,


maintenant, j’ai pu traduire les prototypes en ES, mais quand je rentre en ES, Edition 2017 - Irun, si je clic sur les prototypes la page n’exite pas:


@Mariana oui j’ai vu, je ne sais pas pourquoi… @samy #help
les prototypes en espagnol remontent, mais le lien va sur une 404, pourtant ils existent. Quel est le problème avec le lien généré?
(ça fonctionne sur le Brésil par ex)



@Mariana la section “retour d’expérience” est visible, avec une galerie de photos. Pourrais-tu mieux spécifier le souci ?


Hi @Marilyne,
unfortunately we still don’t have “Firenze” among the choices of the places.

I didn’t try to publish any of them because I didn’t understood if @samy has fixed the publishing of Italian articles… otherwise each time we have to insert again everything :sweat:

Thank you, we’re waiting for good news!


I’m currently working on the fact “prototypes URL in another language than French are broken”


In which screen do you have this problem ?


Yes, we can see “retour d’expérience” in the site but in the backoffice there is no that tab. There is only gallerie. I cannnot add the videos in youtube or write something about the experience.


Hi Sammy, maybe this helps:

The project Teselas (done since the beggining in ES, works:

But the rest of the projects (done in FR and then Translated to ES, don´t work in


Thanks for this help, I will investigate on this evening !


In fact, if you specify a different “URL slug” for each langage of the project, it works
(it is a bug, but I need to contact the editor of one of the plugins which powers the site, to find a solution)


I made an update on the website, can you test the URLs of the spanish prototypes?

(the menu is not perfect but at least the prototype content is here)