Prototypes 2017


-hey Samy! thanks, yes the links work now :slight_smile:


hi Ros, can you give me details about the bug you encounter ?


Hi Samy,
sorry fo the delay in answering you.

First issue: as you could see in the screenshot I enclose you, we still don’t have the “Firenze” choice among the locations. Could you please add it?


For the missing “Firenze” location, you can directly add it on “Locations” menu on back office, or using this link

As soon as “Firenze” location will be added you will be able to see it in the dropdown menu you show in your screenshot


Second: we happily have now noticed that publishing prototypes now we see them in the list, yey.

But when we are in the Italian version of the website, the view of prototypes lacks some elements, generally speacking is a bit a mess :smiley:

Screenshot below

Could be possible to have a prototype page also in the Italian version? We could translate texts! Cause now you don’t even see nothing in the menu (screenshot below)


The “Prototipos” page is now available in Italian : (you can translate its content) :white_check_mark:

The Italian prototypes page menu mess has to be fixed, I will do it ASAP


Hi have some troubles overthere >> I cannot select any edition, so I can’t add a new location


You should be able now to choose an edition.

If you understand enough French, you can translate the names of the fields here (to offer Italian-spoken locations interface).

If you need I can translate fields in English to let you translate it in Italian after


For the moment we’re fixing the public view, and could be enough.

New issue: in “Scientificamente parlando” prototype
even if we have set a “preview image” it is not displayed in the list.



Hi! talking about translation, I am trying to translate the site, because since the new website all the content in spanish has dissapeared.
But when I click in ES and then Edit the page, the site doesn’t answer. It just goes to the edit mode if I am in FR.
Does this happen to other languages? Thanks and sorry to be always in trouble ^^! @samy @Marilyne


Which page do you try to translate ?


I am doing all. Starting from the landing page:


Which user do you use to connect ?


coordlocal. The thing is that if I am in FR it lets me edit it. Now, in ES, I’ve tried editing in from the Visual Constructor directly, but it doesn’t let me save the changes I’ve made.


Mariana, I will try during the weekend and I let you know!


Samy, I confirm: I really don’t know why I lack the preview image in some of the prototypes :frowning:


As I said previously, I need to fix it :slight_smile:


I don’t have access here!


I updated your access rights, it should be OK now :slight_smile:


Nope… now it speaks French, but it’s “desolé”… :smiley: