Prototypes 2017


Are you loggued on the website with your own “rosanna” username ?


No, I’m using “coordlocal”. If I have a “rosanna” user with more powers, please send me the password again :wink:

Then, I confirm what @Mariana says about modifying pages: it’s impossible to edit pages in the Italian version of the website :frowning:


You should have received a mail to reset your “rosanna” account password


@samy I think we have lost the Italian versions of some pages that existed also in the old website.
To give you an astonishing example: this pages presenting the 2017 Italian museomix are only in French :open_mouth:


I will investigate ! (we have many backups of the old website, so nothing is really lost)


I found the old content. Can you give me two extra days to try to reinject it on new website ? (at least the pages of 2017 italian edition)


Is it the content you are talking about ? If yes, I will need to report it from old to new website


Sorry @samy I think I’ve made a mess with menus: please check them in the different languages… and then please told me how I can manage the Italian one… sorry but it is not so easily understandable :frowning:


I fixed the menu.

On, you now have only one menu you can edit :slight_smile: (if not, click on “it” in the language list on the middle of the screen)


I’m retrieving Italian versions from old website (I made copy/paste so it is little bit long)

For example (I know, some bugs are still present :frowning:


@samy thanks, now I try everything!
But I feel it has disappeared now the language switch on the top-right corner of the website…


Another question: how could I work on the footer in the Italian version?


In fact when you are loggued, the language switch is “under” the black stripe on top of the page :slight_smile: I will fix it


actually I’ve tried without being logged in, but there isn’t the switcher anyway… :open_mouth:


On which page dont you have the switcher ?


Actually in any page :roll_eyes:


Can you give me any URL of a page affected by this problem ?




I fixed it for the moment (I will find a solution to put it on top of page, like it was before)


Hi! The search motor of prototypes doesn’t work properly. You cannot choose Irun if you don’t choose first the year 2017. And in the results of 2017 a lot of prototypes are missing. Any clue why this happens?