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Hi all,

I took part personally in Museomix 2018 (Mons) and I’m writing my final thesis on Museomix right now… So I need your help guys! More to this point collection of all data related to the evaluation of the publics and audience is my research focus; e.g. survey or analyzes. I’ve already found something as: edition 2017 (Ferrara, Bruxelles) edition 2016 (Lezoux, Toulouse, Grasse, Ferrara) edition 2015 (no data) edition 2014 (all data) and edition 2013 (just Quebec). What about all the other museums? Is there someone who can give me that? Thanks and have a good day :slight_smile:

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I give some data for Museomix CH events in a private message to @alicebalerna.
If someone is also interested, just ask for a copy…