Rapidité du site museomix.org / Website speed

Bonjour à la communauté
Lors de la mise en place de la nouvelle version du site, nous avons également déplacé le site ailleurs.

Rencontrez vous des problèmes de rapidité? Est ce utilisable actuellement? (si le site est déja lent maintenant, il faudra sans doute le redéplacer)

Hi all !
When we deployed the new website version, it had been moved to another hosting provider.

Is the website fast enough ? Can you use it ? Is the editing slow ?

(if the website is too slow for editors, we will need to move it elsewhere)


Yes the website is very long sometime… I mean more than 10 ou 15 seconds to display the page in front, 20 seconds to save a page in back… :frowning:
Thank you for your help !

cc @priscila

I know I know :frowning: I will investiguate and perhaps migrate to another hosting provider (as I am the only one to maintain website, I must find some free time in my planning :smiley: