Refonte site web : c'est parti ! // Let's work on the new!


Je peux désormais effectuer des modifications via :

Néanmoins, histoire de ne pas tout casser, je ne trouve pas les communautés pour pouvoir modifier la page spécifique à Museomix Nord.



on va tester étape par étape : j’ai mis à jour le compte coordlocal vers “Auteur”
tu devrais voir apparaître une rubrique “Communautés” dans ce menu


Toujours pas, seul la bibliothèque de médias est apparue :slight_smile:


allez on passe à “Editeur”
merci pour ta patience :wink:


@NinaDebail si ça marche, tu peux tester d’associer des actualités à ta communauté : les articles vont apparaître dans la page Museomix Nord


Hello !
Sorry, I should have miss something but I don’t understand how we can connect with the “coordlocal” account… Have we received some login and passwords ? When and from who…?
Thank you !

Museomix Normandy


Voilà ça semble fonctionner, j’ai fait ça un peu à la rache mais c’est propre :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup !


Salut @celia_cbo,

Avec mon compte (“Luca”) j’arrive à me connecter mais je n’ai pas assez de droits pour faire des modifications sur la page de Museomix CH. T’arrives à me débloquer?



hello @lpalli c’est fait ! :slight_smile:


Hello! I cannot enter as coordlocal to the backoffice either. I need to update some info in spanish, because now that the site has changed, all the landing info in the ES versión is in FR, also if you choose EN.
How can I do it?


Hello @all,

The new website is online !!!

We need you help to update the content for each community.

Please, check if the coordlocal account is working, if not poke me I will update it for all.

!!! Please, for each page you translate it is IMPORTANT to use the FRENCH page to translate in your own language. Do not create a new page !!!

Please ask me if any troubles doing thing :slight_smile:

We are going to make it great together !!!

Thank you fr your help


skype : marilyne.barisic


Congratulations everyone for the new website!!! :clap::clap::clap:
It’s beautiful!

@Marilyne, for some reason i can’t acces the coordlocal account anymore. Could you help me, please?


Priscila - Brasil


Hey all,

Please note that the password ha changed for the coordlocal account.

I sent a private message at all with the new one.

Please let me know if you have any trouble connecting,




En interface accessible à tous, je n’arrive pas à aller sur le wiki à partir de la catégorie Revue de Presse dans le menu “Soutenir” :wink:


Hi Marilyne,
I don’t have the password, can you send it to me please ? Or do you send it to someone else from the museomix community ?
Thank you !



Hi @Marilyne!

Neither I nor @Marcela-Bresil received the password. Could you please send it to us?

Thank you very much!




Please look back at the message I sent on your community message box :

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Marilyne Perfect!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Just a word : WAOW

Indeed, I have to add a presentation of the Belgian community.

And also, I have to understand how to add a link with an existing museum. For example, in 2015, Belgium “museomixed” 2 muséums : Mariemont & MSK (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Gand). This last is on the global list but is not linked with the Belgian presentation.

Anyway, it’s really nice and I’m just talking about improvements.

But these changes will be done… later. :wink:

EDIT : Rectif. In wp-admin, I find the text presenting the Belgian community. But this one is not visible on the web site.

Strange. I have to go deeper.


BRAVO ! The website looks very great.

I did not find where I can change the name of the “team” for the past edition… The e-mail adress of the director of the museum is on line, I would like to delete it. Can you tell me where I can find some help ?

Thanks !