Translating a couple of very important pages (vision, profiles…) Call for native speakers

Hi all !

following the call for participants (translated in 6 languages! Thanks to all), I noticed that we have 2 important pages linked in the call that are not translated in every languages, and another one that would be a great addition too.

These translations are high value, as it’s for pages that don’t change often or at all, pages that explicit core values of the Museomix communities.

It’s probably best, if possible, to start from the french, original versions. The english versions are second best.

Here are the links: (this page must obviously be translated very carefully, without changing the meaning, removing or adding things, as its our core guiding principles since 2012 that were decided collectively) This page answers a common question for participants: “where do I fit?” :slight_smile: This one is not (yet) linked in the call, but I would like to include it as soon as possible, as it’s important for would be participant to understand the efforts and contribution the many organizers and contributors!

If you are a native speaker in one of the untranslated languages, could you raise your hand (virtually :wink: here so we could do a translation sprint in the next few days? I’ll organize everything, but I need as many native speakers as possible, and if at all possible people familiar with the terms, words and spirit of Museomix.


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Hello @juliendorra, I can translate to spanish, I already have the “a-propos” site so the only missing one is “comment-.fonctionne-museomix”.

merci pour l’initiative :slight_smile:
À très bientôt


Hi @juliendorra,

here you are a first effort by the Italian community:

En est en train de finaliser la traduction de “comment fonctionne Museomix”.

Please remember to change links on the call :slight_smile:
Thank you!

@lpalli could you please help us to public them?

Ciao @Ros ,

I’ll try to help to publish it, you have an access to the backend for modify
I think I can give you the access but I prefer if @juliendorra give you the access.

If the problem is to use the backend I can do it for you if there are not too match texts to update (I’ve a lot of work between the “real” work and Museomix this days and from July 23th I’ll be away for 2 weeks). I must try to publish it directly?


Thanks @lpalli,
at the moment we don’t have any access to the backend… if we had it I think we’d be able to add Italian translation :slight_smile:

Ciao @Ros,

I published the 2 pages (“Profili e competenze Museomix” and “A proposito”) and updated the links in the call for participants (“Invito ai partecipanti”).

Ho fatto un paio di correzioni (errore di battitura, alcuni accenti, MuseoMix -> Museomix, …) e tradotto l’ultimo sottotitolo su “A proposito”). Fammi sapere se ho fatto degli errori o ci sono delle modifiche da fare.


Grazie mille @lpalli e mi raccomando goditi le ferie!