Update and manage the Museomix facebook group and page

a topic dedicated to social networks museomix communication : who does what, when, where…

It seems that for 2019, facebook page and group account of Museomix global are a little bit left…
@Kwandika, did you stop managing them ? des some one(s) goes on ?

il semble que pour 2019, la page facebook et le groupe facebook de Museomix “global” soient un peu à l’abandon… Janaïne @Kwandika tu as un peu lâché du lest ? quelqu’un.e assure le relais ? ou plusieurs ?

Qui d’autre part connaît le marc veyrat qui envahit le compte du groupe avec ses publications ?

For now, il would be an emergency to change the “bandeau” of the group… for the one of 2019…^^
which will happen in a few weeks… any graphist to do that?

I uploaded a temporary header on the Facebook page, to at least display 2019 dates

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super Samy ! c’était important de le faire il me semble.
je crains que cette léthargie des pages facebook et leur état d’abandon jouent un rôle dans le relatif petit nombre des candidatures…
it was important to do what you done I think. I’m afraid this lack of caring could have been a reason of the slow number of people who applied…


We agree on that point :slight_smile: Museomix needs to rebuild himself to survive between editions :wink:


@samy, could you change the header of the facebook group too ?

No, I’m not administrator :frowning: @JustineR ?

Bonjour! It’s Anna from Italy here :slight_smile: we discuss this point with the team and we would like to suggest a method to reboot social media channels ( in particular FB page that is going to surrender to death): why don’t we give access as editor to a person to each community in order to fill the lack of digital communication? Maybe we could ask to each community to create once a week one post until the Museomix weekend. @CathBarra @samy what do you think about it?

I saw that @Kwandika is the Page administrator but, reading previous message in this thread, also @samy has the access. Otherwise, FB group administrator are Laure Isabelle @Marilyne @samuelbausson and @juliendorra. Could you guys help us to get new life to those channels? :blush:


Hello, I will answer after the “Fête de la Science” !

I just checked, you are an administrator on the Museomix page. I’m just an editor on the page. There’s not much I could do about it,

hello @JustineR
there is a “page”, and a “group” : the header of the “group” page is to change, but who knows who is the administrator ?..

you can ask @Marilyne, @juliendorra or @samuelbausson to put one of us as administrator :slight_smile:

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yes, and le “passage de témoin” should be a little more organised from a year/an edition to another… a job for the next InterCo ! :wink:

Hi @CathBarra and @JustineR,

@CathBarra: I’m also an “admin” of the page and now you too :slight_smile:


I’m unable to find you on FaceBook, if you give me your account (using a private message) I can add you too :wink:

I fouded you, you are also an “admin” :wink:

But I don’t have any access to the group :frowning:


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thank you Luca !
I’m going to contact @Marilyne by another way to have new administrators for the fb group too !

it is ok for the facebook group ! Marilyne gave me access as an administrator (and @samy too) :slight_smile: @lpalli Luca and @JustineR, you want to be too ? we could share the work ?
I re-opened the closed group “communication InterCo” too.

and I posted on the twitter account too.

@samy or @lpalli, what about the file to fill by every one or communities with who does what, with a link on Discourse-Community ?

@CathBarra Sorry for the delay of my answer. Indeed I would like an admin access.
And yes, we have to share the work on the different accounts of Museomix
Thank you Catherine for your help :slight_smile:

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