#URGENT Website server

Hi all,

As you know we are doing a new website for museomix, we’re working to finish it off and put online for 1st october.
If you wanna see the website in is actual state you can have a look here : dev.museomix.org (connect with coordolocal account)

We are actually experiencing problem of performance with the server, that make our work very slow and uncomfortable, and that may delay our work.

So as now we have a dedicated server, we are wondering to migrate to a shared server.

Here are some information:

  • we have these site : museomix.org, dev.museomix.org, community.museomix.org, wiki.museomix.org, summercamp wiki
  • for the event, we use the server to exchange videos
  • we don’t have a big audience
  • dedicated server is more expensive than shared one
  • we are free to use, install, maintain dedicated server as we want
  • the maintenance is actually done by one person
  • a shared server is maintained by the provider

Please, if you have any question, need more information, ask in this thread :slight_smile:

We need a decision at most next wednesday 13th of september. Tahnk you!

Marilyne for the team web
cc @celia_cbo @samy
@lpalli @Sam.Donvil

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Hi @Marilyne ,

What is the the decision to take?
Where to to migrate the website? Choose a shared server provider?

I don’t know the specifications of the actual dedicated server but generally a dedicated server (if not too “small” or old) has best performances as a shared server!


PS: the new site look fine :slight_smile:

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Yes @lpalli the decision is : do we keeo the dedicated server or do we migrate to a shared one ? (sorry, it was not so clear)
Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe @samy can you share some specifications of actual server ?

Hey :slight_smile:
it seems to be a good idea. I can’t access the website but totally trust you :wink:

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150 GB disk
1 Xeon 2.9Ghz

(i made some changes today to improve speed, don’t hesitate to give me feedback)

Since our “dedicated” server is offered by a sponsor (iilyo) we can keep it for some purposes and use external hosting for main website, don’t you think ?

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It can be a good solution to keep the existing dedicated server for some stuff, for example community and wiki (we can move it later if useful but we don’t need to do it when we deploy the new website).

The main difficulty is to check if the new website will have good performances on the external shared hosting, I don’t know what plugins are used and how the template use the database (the main performance potential issues for WordPress).


We will migrate on www.o2switch.fr at least dev and dev2 websites

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I agree on this, let’s keep the dedicated server for wiki and community, and file transfer if needed. And we can migrate the website dev and dev2 at the moment to test. According to the results of this test, we’ll decide for the new website.

Any objection ?

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The migration of pre-prod website has been done (thank you @samy !) Performance are ok at the moment.

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Hi all !

I don’t know how I can go on the website. Can you help the Museomix Azur community ?
We have to test before the event…

Thxs evrybody

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Hi @MarionG, please look at this message : http://community.museomix.org/t/access-to-the-website/729/6
Please note that @Laurene already has the access.


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Hello Marilyne ! Je veux bien l’accès aussi comme ça je retransfere aux communautés, je ne peux pas accéder au lien :grinning: :grinning:
Merci bisous !

@Marilyne All is ok ! thank you so much