Vers un Museomix en Asie (Indonésie) ? Appel à soutien

Hello @tout le monde.

J’ai reçu, via @NatPuzeNat, un appel de quelques responsables de collections et muséographes d’Asie du sud-est et on peut certainement parler d’un embryon de communauté car ce groupe d’initiative (constitué par ailleurs en réseau des muséographes des pays de l’Asie du sud-est) réunit des membres de Malaisie, de Thaïlande et d’Indonésie.

Ils souhaitent monter un Museomix (Annissa, l’initiatrice de la démarche, a participé à l’édition de Bologne @ElenaBertelli @Ros @Chiara_org), et le lieu pressenti est le Musée des huiles essentielles Rumah Atsiri à Solo, en Indonésie.

Je vais de ce pas encourager Annissa et ses collègues à rejoindre Community.
En attendant, je recopie ci-dessous son message. Des fois que quelqu’un.e ici a des contacts locaux, ou qu’une édition a déjà accueilli d’autres museomixeurs des pays de l’ANASE et donc familiers/motivés pour rejoindre le mouvement.
Cette nouvelle communauté a besoin de grandir et d’être accompagnée dans l’organisation de l’événement.
A bon entendeur !

Alina / Msx AURA

"I am Annissa, Curator of Jakarta History Museum and Jakarta Biennale 2017.

I am cc-ing this email to my museologist colleagues so they can join our conversation.

Ayesha Gergis is a museologist who was based in Hanoi, Vietnam and will be relocated to Penang, Malaysia
Estrella Montien is a museologist based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dian Sulistyowati is a museologist in Indonesia, my sparing partner in the country.

With Ayesha and Estrella, we started ASEAN Museologists Network (AMN) to start connecting with museologists in the region via Facebook page here

ASEAN stands for Association of Sotheast Asian Nations, a UE kind of association in the region that connects 10 countries and 2 observing country, citizens of the 10 countries can travel without visa to the territories. We decided to put ASEAN to limit our scope for now as each country has diversed multicultural roots and far than uniform in term of museum development.

more on ASEAN

AMN wishes to organize a meeting between museologists in the region to connect and build a knowledge share platform among the professionals. Some of the reasons that motivated us are the situation that ICOM or other museum network training or knowledge sharing are usually reserved for national museums and high ranked officials. We would like to provide a channel to support a capacity building for the middle and lower management or even to younger peopla, fresh graduates who are just started their museum career.

While we were looking for the format of the event, Ayesha told us about Museomix, so I applied for the Museomix Bologna to experience how it was, and it was amazing. I think museomix format could be a great part of the first meetup event, with a few tweaks to make it uniquely Asian (or ASEAN). One of the thing we would like to be par of it is on how we Asians loves to talk about or during meals. We were thinking of a cook-out or a “tell us your country’s flavour” potluck. Each country’s culinary will amaze your tounge that creates a great set up for connecting, networking and cultural event.

In term of venu, we are thinking a city, Solo, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Please do google about the city and you can see how its lively arts and culture scene is very interesting.

A new museum there is very interested in hosting Museomix, you can google “Rumah Atsiri”. The museum is to be open this year with a focus on the history and development of essential oil.

So, that is quite the lengthy basic from our side.

Do let us know what you think :)"