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Hello everybody,

as explained during the last Interco meeting, the Museomix Nord community suggests realizing a small and dynamic movie to make the advertising of the call to participants.

The idea is that every community appears and announces, in its own language, " Join the adventure Museomix + community’s name " (for example " Join the adventure Museomix England ").

In order to do it

every community would have to film (in the place of its choice, with typical accessories of its region if it wishes), saying, singing or shouting the message.

Videos can be filmed with a smartphone (or better ) with a horizontal centring, if possible in HD (1920*1080p or 1440x1080p in mp4 / movs / avi / avchd).

The video has to last only few seconds.
This movie must be long-lasting (we can just add the new communities during the future campaigns of call to participants if the principle is retained) thus you should not announce

museum, city or date,

the message.

The naming of the video file has to begin with the full and official name of the community.

It must be sent as soon as possible (before middle of June ?) at so that we can compile communities’ proposals and work on the schedule of distribution of these latter.

In advance thank you for your participation,

L’équipe MSX Nord / The MSX North(of France) teamHello everybody,


Hello everybody,

Are there communities that have already started working on video?

If we have the power to put the process in motion, the videos must be made before the launch of the call for participants scheduled for mid-June.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,

Nina for Museomix Nord

Bonjour tout le monde,

Y-a-t’il des communautés qui ont déjà commencé à travailler sur la vidéo?

Si nous avons le pouvoir de mettre le processus en marche, il faut que les vidéos soient faîtes avant le lancement de l’appel à participant prévu à la mi-juin …

N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions,

Nina pour Museomix Nord

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Bonjour Nina et la communauté,
Hélène pour MuseomixOuest à Saint-Brieuc cette année…
on tourne normalement le 12 juin, on ne pouvait pas vraiment avant et on a un « droniste/droneux(?) » qui vient nous filer un coup de main.
Je note pour le contact, on enverra ça rapidement après. D’autant plus que notre aperomix de lancement pour les participants est le 14. Donc tout ça va aller très vite la semaine prochaine!
A très vite


Hello everybody,

Sylvie Rottmeier from Museomix CH. We will participate and make a video as soon as possible - actually we had the same kind of idea, we will boost this campaign in Switzerland to stimulate our Swiss community to participate to Museomix in some other countries this year (Here in Switzerland we will not have an event in Nov. 2018, we are preparing the next one for 2019).
We would be happy to take care of developping the video graphics/jingle if needed. MuseomixNord, did you already prepare anything?
One comment: if we have “only” 3 videos from Museomix Nord; MuseomixOuest and Museomix CH, it is a bit short. ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES, ARE YOU READY TO PARTICIPATE TOO?

Cheers from Lausanne,


Hi Silvie,

Using video to encourage museomixers to travel is great !

The video we made is an example at the top of the topic.

In terms of animation, we had discussed last February during the interco to make a simple sequence of videos but we can think of a small graphic animation IN / Out with the visual of the world map with the participating museums and in out the dates of the call to participants and :slight_smile:

Nina for Museomix Nord


Hello !
wow, incredible but true^^, Museomix IDF will have an aperomix this month !
and I want to purpose to create a very simple video at this time, teasing for next year event in Paris, as @Sylvie_Rottmeier in CH community, encourage people to spread and discover others museomix else where, and keeping the community idf alive ! all in two sentences, in a few seconds ! ^^
donc in french : yes ! un apéromix en Ile de France (enfin, à Paris) en juin très prochainement ! à cette occasion, on pourra j’espère réaliser cette petite vidéo, en teasant pour l’an prochain à Paris, invitant à candidater dans d’autres museomix, et aussi à maintenir la communauté idf en vie… le tout avec les instructions de @NinaDebail , en quelques secondes ^^…
Ça ira ?

bises et à bientôt !


Bonjour Catherine,

Nous pensons (on est en pleine reunion :hugs:) qu’annoncer la saison 2019 de paris va brouiller le message, néanmoins vous pouvez très bien dire quelque chose comme “rejoignez l’aventure Museomix” ou “pas de MUSEOMIX en île de France cette année mais n’hésitez pas à découvrir les autres communautés !” (Voir le côté pas positif pour île de France c’est peut être pas ouf…
Mais en tout cas tant que vous participez c’est déjà super :slightly_smiling_face:


ok, no souci, je pensais à une formule du genre “en attendant 2019”… rien de plus, et on va rendre attractif l’appel à participer à la communauté, il y a quelques personnes qui ont envie que ça marche !
à bientôt Nina !

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Yes Nina we are totally in line, we imagine to have common videos and we could add specific ending if needed for each community for a specific message.

For the graphics as IN/OUT animation, we would be happy to take care of it.

TO ALL COMMUNITIES: who would be ready to send a short video as mentioned by Nina as soon as possible ?


Hello everybody,

Time is running, we propose to take care of the global Museomix video that all communities could use to STIMULATE THE CALL TO PARTICIPATION. As proposed by Museomix Nord, we only need to receive from you a short and simple video, from 2 to 5 sec., even taken with your Smartphone - just say “Join the Museomix Adventure in (your community’s name )” in a typical environment of your location and please share it with us by Friday 15!

Sylvie from Museomix Ch (Switzerland)


C’est tournée aujourd’hui à Saint-Brieuc > ça arrive :smiley:

Great ! Thank you !
We have created a google drive to collect and share all vidéos. We suggest that all of us post vidéos directly in this folder :

By the way, my name is Amanda and I work together with @Sylvie_Rottmeier for Museomix CH.