Web & social media guidelines

Hello everyone

I started to work on the “little super museomix communicant guide” :slight_smile: It’s still a work in progress but you can already find it here : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11ukdb78OfhRvw9jnVTAM-Wce4aeK9f-6Y31NXvRPbwo/edit?usp=sharing

if you can have a look and say what you think about it, what is missing & add more informations, it would be really cool !
@Marilyne please can you tell me what we can add on the website part and where to find information
cc @celia_cbo



It rules, well done
Maybe communicants of each community can share some communication actions they did before or are going to launch, just to share ideas

Here in AURA we had the Museomix Why Not campaign with Tumblr https://museomixez-moi.tumblr.com/ already translated by italian community!

When you’re ready, feel free to copy / paste the main rules in our new wiki !


Thank you :slight_smile: a lot of little things are missing but it’s cool and you are right, we need to add a “good pratices from the community” part ! Adding your tumblr (make me think that I forgot Arthur :/)
Will be on the wiki as soon as it is ready !

Don’t know if you noticed, but now you can publish on Museomix Facebook page in multiple languages for each post :slight_smile: