Webform for the call of participation of Museomix 2016


@juliendorra Chez Museomix AURA, on a besoin de suivre les inscriptions en temps réel aussi pour adapter notre communication au fur et à mesure. Ça serait top d’avoir accès au tableau :grin:
Merci !
Alina pour MsxAURA


Merci d’avoir repéré ça, c’est réparé :slight_smile:[quote=“Jenniferlv, post:55, topic:370”]
J’ai remarqué dans le webform, que l’intro dans la version anglophone et espagnole était en néerlandais. Alors qu’auparavant, en tout cas dans la version ENG, c’était en ENG.



J’ai partagé un tableau qui se remplit en temps réel avec les candidatures des participants.

Il contient des informations personnelles, donc je ne l’ai partagé qu’avec les référents des communautés listé dans le tableau https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Wb7JR9BVidOs4LOE_rptivMZ2lq23dwlCqs-h7lfII/edit#gid=0

Nous pouvons bien sur ajouter d’autres personnes, par exemples les personnes qui vont faire la sélection dans votre communauté.

En fin de période de candidature, il sera beaucoup plus pratique pour vous de créer des fiches PDF imprimables (1 fiche par candidat) en vous basant sur uniquement les candidats de votre ville :
Voici la méthode, elle n’utilise que LibreOffice : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QX8_M5MJrkxcIoZ91Xc03UELDOW2RjTvxrTMymA_0Vk/edit

On peut le browser en PDF, ou les imprimer et les faire tourner autour d’une table. C’est très utile pour rapidement répartir les participants, et se rendre compte des équilibres que nous souhaitons.

Je suis toujours dispo pour toute aide, question sur la sélection, comment cela s’est passé les années précédentes, etc.

Appel aux museomixeurs prolongé?

Super!!! Merci pr la maintenance! :wink:



I shared a sheet that is filled live from the form submissions.

There is personal information there, so I only shared it with the main contact from each community listed in this sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Wb7JR9BVidOs4LOE_rptivMZ2lq23dwlCqs-h7lfII/edit#gid=0

We of course can add other people, for example people from your community that will help you actually select participants.

At the end of the submission period, it will be much much easier for you to generate PDF pages (1 page per candidate) exploiting only the submissions corresponding to your city.
Here is the process, it only need LibreOffice https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QX8_M5MJrkxcIoZ91Xc03UELDOW2RjTvxrTMymA_0Vk/edit [sadly only in French. Would be great if someone, when trying it, translate it in english at the same time !!!]

Once you generate your PDF, you can browse it on a tablet or computer, or print it to share the profiles physically around a table. It’s very useful to quickly sort the participants, et see if we respect the various balances and equilibrium in term of participants we want for the event.

I’m still available for any help, question about how to select participants, what we learned from the previous years, etc.


And for everybody, here is a chart to get a sense of how the 90 submissions are shared between cities at the moment:
Chart of participants by city


Bonjour Julien! can you please share also with me and Rosanna as Coordinator of the Italian Community the sheet with the submissions? e.bertelli83@gmail.com and premeros@gmail.com
Thank you!

please, is it possible to have user and password to the backend of the website to change some mistakers in the italian museums section?

Thank you for being so helpful!


Salut Julien,
Peux-tu partager également le document avec moi margot.frenea@gmail.com
J’avais oublié de mettre une adresse mail sur le tableau !
Merci d’avance,


Hello tout le monde,

S’il vous plaît pensez à renseigner vos coordonnées perso ici :slight_smile:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9FPFTRwq4b4ZWY0dFY1OXlrbGs&usp=drive_web

Dans le doc Dates et dans le doc CONTACTS

Et pensez aussi à mettre la version anglaise de votre page “Lieux” dans le dossiers “Translation”

Merci !!!


Hi Elena,

Please, can you tell what the mistake are ? I can update teh website.

Can you also give me the English version of the pages ?

And last thing, please, could you fill your personnal contacts her : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9FPFTRwq4b4ZWY0dFY1OXlrbGs&usp=drive_web
In CONTACTS and Dates

Thank a lot !



Hi Marilyne,
and thanks!
the main error is that we don’t see at all button-images about all the museomix in the “Décidez où vous voulez museomixer.” section.
What’s more we have a error in the title “Le 6 principali profili richiesti” that should become “I 6 principali profili richiesti”.

There are others little errors in formats and text and we have 4 different “lieux” to manage, that’s why we’d like to have an access to the backend to fasten the whole job…
Please tell me if it’s possible, as @juliendorra said before.

Have a nice day!


Is it possible to officially say that the deadline is the 15th of July?

Here in Italy we’re feeling to be in a mess (it should sound like an alarm as long as in Italy we have a general level of mess very high) and it doesn’t help people to understand the complexity of Museomix.

Thank you very much!
Rosanna, @ElenaBertelli & @Chiara_org


HI Marilyne,
we will send you the english version of Basel and Nyon as soon as possible,
cc @Irist @jynze


Hi everyone,

In Rhône-Alpes Auvergne (Lezoux), we’ve decided to take an advantage of this very short call period: we’re officially maintaining July, 1st as the deadline, and when it’s over we’ll surely announce that it’s been extended. Hopefully till July 15. So rather than panic, we’re doing our best to turn it into a communication trick :laughing: Hope it’ll give you some ideas))

@Marilyne What is the personal contacts table for?
Wouldn’t it better to fill THIS FORM directly?
This Google Sheet has been used (and proved useful!) through several Museomix sessions. It lists all possible tasks and missions we’ll need to name a coordinator/“soucieux” for, it basically describes all organisational needs and allows to find all the contacts you need in one single place!
(I’ve created a copy of the 2014’s version and typed in some basic information: feel free to complete ! The doc is now available in “Museomix 2016” folder)

Museomix AURA


Hey Alina,

For Toulouse, we will do the same for the maintaining of the call till the 15/07, like a big and good surprise ! I think it can be cool if we all have the same kind communication, to have like a second big wave of posting of social media.
At the moment, there is not must subscription, so I think we all be in need to maintain at least till the 15/07.

I do not have access to the doc you mention…
As we are in the same boat this year, I think it’s cool to have a mean to reach and communicate with each other and to have everything in the same folder we are using from the beginning.
Maybe could you copy the doc you mention in the folder : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9FPFTRwq4b4ZWY0dFY1OXlrbGs&usp=drive_web

In the doc Contacts there also the common need we all have and the tools we are going to set.
For example :

  • having a slack for the referent and futrure mixroom
  • having a telconf early septembre to introduce to each other and share our project /issues/experience…

Thank you !



Hi @Marilyne,

I’ve opened a new topic about this :laughing:
See you and everyone else here Inter-communuty organisation to discuss anything related to sharing useful information, contacts and documents between communities !



Bonjour Julien,

Comment pouvons-nous avoir accés à ce tableau des participants ?

Claire (représentante communauté Museomix Azur)


And more charts

Have you already participated? Newbies vs. experienced

Submissions by day


Hello Julien,

Sorry but I couldn’t find the link to check how many participants already applied. Would it be possible to send it again?


Bonjour Julien, Serait-il possible de partager le tableau des candidatures des museomixeurs avec museomixest@gmail.com?

Par ailleurs, la candidature d’Olivier Nocent (envoyée le 30 juin via le formulaire en ligne pour Reims) n’a pas été enregistrée dans le tableau général. Existe-il une trace ou doit-il recommencer?