Zagreb museomix 2018

Maybe early to speak about Museomix in 2018 few days before the Museomix 2017, but so happy to share with you that a ZAGREB MUSEOMIX COMMUNITY is born.

The museomix Zagreb community is currently being organized around the museomix event at the Nikola Tesla technicla museum in Zagreb for 2018…
As it happened for the Italian Museomix community, the European Creative Museum project in which Museomix is integrated has made it possible to identify and bring together the actors of the territory: museums, makers, designers, etc.
Also, Debby, Damir and Igor, precious makers, were trainees in the Museomix training in France last year and contributed to the co-conception of the “makers in residence project” we build for the MAKING MUSEUM project.

If you’re interested to help them growing… welcome.



a big welcome to the croation new community


Yes I’m interested to help :slight_smile: