VIDEO INTERCO - Presentation community


Hello everybody,

as explained during the last Interco meeting, the Museomix Nord community suggests realizing a small and dynamic movie to make the advertising of the call to participants.

The idea is that every community appears and announces, in its own language, " Join the adventure Museomix + community’s name " (for example " Join the adventure Museomix England ").

In order to do it

every community would have to film (in the place of its choice, with typical accessories of its region if it wishes), saying, singing or shouting the message.

Videos can be filmed with a smartphone (or better ) with a horizontal centring, if possible in HD (1920*1080p or 1440x1080p in mp4 / movs / avi / avchd).

The video has to last only few seconds.
This movie must be long-lasting (we can just add the new communities during the future campaigns of call to participants if the principle is retained) thus you should not announce

museum, city or date,

the message.

The naming of the video file has to begin with the full and official name of the community.

It must be sent as soon as possible (before middle of June ?) at so that we can compile communities’ proposals and work on the schedule of distribution of these latter.

In advance thank you for your participation,

L’équipe MSX Nord / The MSX North(of France) teamHello everybody,