Application results 1° call museomixer

Hi everybody,

Italian museums have not received yet any access to the excel with results of applications of museomixers. @juliendorra it is possible to have one for me, @MarcoCaselli @Michela @Chiara_org @Paolo and @Ros or just an update of the file?

thank you so much :slight_smile:

In Belgium we would like to have this access to :slight_smile:

@ElenaBertelli @MarcoCaselli @Michela @Chiara_org @Paolo and @Ros
could you please go the results here :

and request access ? (access is based on your Google Account)

Thanks !

Ok, thanks Julien!
Access requested. :slight_smile:

Access requested too :slight_smile:

Hi there, we just also requested.

Hello ! I let my message here too : I have a problem since yesterday, I can’t copy any piece of the file anymore. Some one has got the same problem ?
@juliendorra, I think I (we?) need your help ! :wink: what do you think about this, and what do you purpose ?
the error message in french is : “Impossible de charger le fichier : essayer à nouveau de le charger ou envoyer un rapport d’erreur.” Another small window shows : “une erreur s’est produite. Veuillez actualiser le document”. But “actualiser le document” doesn’t help…
Thanks a lot !!!

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Well, I finally found a way to manage, and I share for the ones who could meet the same problem : it is possible to download “télécharger au format…” in the “file” tab ! ouf ! :wink:


Hi, I have found the formular is not completely in German and still some sentences need to be translated. Can you send me the formulaire and I can give you the last translations for the German one?