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Hi all! From the Cultural management company that I work on in San Sebastian, we are working on some workshop days in late november for museum profesionals and we would like to introduce Museomix to the community.
We are going to do a presentation of the great experience that it was the first musemix hosted in Spain last november, but we also want to introduce an example of a Museum who has brought to its exhibition a prototupe created in Museomix. In the Prototype finder on the web I don’t find it clear. I remember that during the interco 2017, in the Museum Gallo Romain of Lyon there was a prototype used to show more info in a mock-up.
Could anyone let me know about more examples, or the name of this prototype?
Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Mariana ! During our 2015 edition in the North, in the Museum of the Manufacture of Roubaix was created this prototype called “ça tisse factory”
After Museomix, this prototype has been developped by a company called Holusion and in september, it will be installed within the museum. It’s very different from the original one, i hope i could show to the inter-co this new version of the prototype ASAP !

Hey Antoine! thanks a lot for the helpful information! Can I have your mail to contact you directly?

Yes of course

Dear Mariana,

In Belgian we had the following prototypes that were converted in permanenent versions:
-Musée Royale de Mariemont (2015): Momix (they are still working on a second one which is called 'Ca roule Raoul)
-MAS Antwerp: MASscope
-City museum of Brussels: working on two prototypes (ongoing)

Unfortunately we haven’t uploaded our documentation in the Museomix website so it’s currently mostly on our website. If you’re interested i can perhaps give you access to more images, videos, etc.

@antoine.matrion that is very interesting because Holusion was the partner of a company called Brûle. which participated during the Museomix of 2016 in the MAS, they brought one of their hologram machines. We should definately discuss in Bologna concerning your experience of the further development of prototypes and if it was a good experience, if museomixers were included etc. Do we get something back from the firms or not, etc.

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Dear Sam,
Unforttunately, i won’t be in Bologna for personal reasons !
But i’m sure we can fin a way to meet again as we are close !
I think we will organize a public event for the lauch of this prototype within the museum of Roubaix. We will invite you to it for sure !

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Thanks a lot Sam!
It would be great if i could have more info about the Momix? I give you my mail in case you have more info:

Ah, ok we’d love to do that. We still have to decide when we are going to the MAS for the MASscope but we’ll keep you updated.

I just sent the email. I think the museum will be able to give you some video material.

Hello Mariana.
In Lyon, 4 prototype were transformed into the permanent exhibition.
Its :

In Grenoble, one prototype is now in the permanent exhibition :



Big thanks Yam!! Could I have your email address so I can write you an specific doubt? Thanks a lot again! Super helpful everyone :slight_smile:

An intsallation inspired from a prototype from a sprint

Hi @Mariana,

I visited in April 2018 the Musée Dauphinois (Grenoble) and I took some pictures of the prototype “La machine à contes”. I can send you pictures if you want (and I will soon complete the page in

Last year at the museomix summer camp in Lyon, I organized a round table about this topic : “the second life of the prototypes”. There were advices from several examples of new versions of prototypes, in different contexts.
A summary in French is available here:

@antoine.matrion Great news, do not hesitate to document in September the launch of this prototype, to take some pictures and if you want, to send me informations so I can complete the page of the prototype on the Museomix website !

In addition, two prototypes from Museomix 2016 will be soon integrated in the permanent exhibition of the Musée Saint-Raymond (Toulouse):


hello !
I add prototype “Museoteasing” perenised in Guéret Museum garden, and in Arles “Maquette Ma quête”


Thanks a lot to eeryone that helped us!!

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