Inter-Co Bologna 2018


thank you this is great! can you write me your sky account so we can add you just in case? hope to talk to you soon :slight_smile:


satuday30th at 10 a.m in Brazil (Brasilia time?)?


Sure @Chiara_org

You can find me at Skype as yazminsgr

I just have a question. Marilyne wrote me on an email that our webconf date is for tomorrow sometime between 10h and 13h, french time. So, is it gonna be on friday or saturday? I would prefer saturday 3 pm as you said before because 10 am friday is 3 am for me. I mean, I can do it, but would appreciate if not necessary.

Ok, just let me know the final schedule.



hi ! over the ocean museomix friend ! I let Chiara answer, but I understood saturday, because tomorrow is a day with conferences, and most of people will be there only on saturday !



Cool. So, see you on saturday. So exited!


yes indeed! :coffee:


@yazmin @CathBarra is right, is on the 30th Saturday that we are connecting! today is an open conference day kind of semi public event…we will send updates on and report on that in the next days for those who are interested btw!



I have some things to do in the day tomorrow (10am and early afternoon), but I can follow from my phone the progress …

By cons my English is very bad and translation from the iphone may be a galley.

For the question of cities, I would represent Lille for this reason.


J’ai quelques trucs à faire dans la journée de demain(10h et début d’après-midi), mais je peux suivre depuis mon téléphone les avancées…

Par contre mon anglais est très mauvais et faire de la traduction depuis l’iphone risque d’être galère.

Pour la question des villes, je représenterais Lille de ce fait.

Nina for Museomix Nord


Hello Chiara! thanks a lot for your message. I will be out this weekend with no access to Internet… Could I record today a video so you can screen it? we could also write a text about Museomix Spain. Please let me know what suits best for you, and good luck for the weekend! Wish we could have made it…


@Chiara_org this message is for you :slight_smile:


Hi Chiara

My Skype account is

Hope to see you tomorrow!!!


Hello !
Some quick news from Normandy : we will welcome 6 teams in the 2 museums in Caen. They will work in a room of the Fine Art museum.
For the first time, the association will be the organizer of the event (in 2016 a public structure called La Fabrique de patrimoines was the operational organizer).
We get public subsidies : 5000 from the DRAC (Ministry of Culture), 4000 from the City of Caen, and 5000 from the Fabrique de Patrimoines).
The specificities of this edition :

  • we will work on three entities : 2 museums and the castle, very close but very different.
  • we may keep the presence of a silkscreen printing association to help the teams to print their prototype (in 2016, in Vieux, all the 5 teams have used it !).
  • 2 partnerships with students : for the communication and for the space design.
  • We are also trying to have a partnership with the couchsurfer community in Caen : they offer sleeping and we offer them a specific visit on saturday. Have some of you yet develop that type of partnership ?
  • we will probably welcome an international team among us. I posted a call for a volunteer to facilitate this group during the three days : come on !

Here are the news from Normandy ! Have a nice time in Bologna and see you soon !



The working folder



Thank you all for your time today.

Just to synthesize what we talked about:

  1. I have to get in touch with Museomix Ferrara to get help from the Mixroom.
  2. I have to get in touch with the two communities that have had the children experience. Who specifically shall I talk to?
  3. Let’s think about a way to share with you our experience from last year’s Museomix (and the mexican museum context also), and to hear from your experience. Something that works like the face-to-face exchange that you are having now in Bologna.

I will stay in touch by this platform to let you all know what’s going on with MuseumixMx organization.



Hi ! and you could exchange with @Fougere of Museomix Azur who just like you is going to organize the same !


Great, I will.

@Fougere, nice to meet you. Is there a mail where I can write to you directly?


Hi Yazmin,

You should also contact Museomix Nord (@NinaDebail) and Museomix Switzerland (@lpalli) who have experienced some events for kids.
By the way, during the collective talks of yesterday, most of the participants favoured the idea of organizing other kinds of events inspired by Museomix – as a Museomix for kids.

Have a nice day,
Jean Pierre


Hi all,

A working group had deep exchanges about the legal structure InterCo that could be designed for InterCo. In order to clarify which legal option we have to choose, we need to consult a skilled lawyer on the question of “international non-profit” structures.

If any of you has contact ou expertise to propose on that purpose, please contact @Sam.Donvil , wich is in charge of that item in the InterCo process.

Thank to all,
Jean Pierre


Hi Yazmin,
I will be glad to discuss about museomix Kids with you ! You can write me at fougere.lemercier@gmail.
Looking forward to reading from you !


Jean-Pierre this orange and green spreadsheet had missed me! :grin: