Intercommunity Meetings 2017

Hello to all !

Following up different discussions of a pan-american meeting and Museomix Summer Camp (which we think are both great) the Belgian community wants to have opinion from as many communities possible on when a intercommunity meeting would suit you and where ?

@celia_cbo was proposing to have one as an introduction of the Museomix Summer Camp in July. That’s possible for us !

Would anyone want one before ?

The Belgian community would be very happy to host one of those if it suits all of you :slight_smile:

Thx in advance for your answers,


There will be in July in Lyon a one-day mix of an Interco meeting and a Creative Museum final meeting – Creative Museum is an EU-funded multi-tasks program aiming to spread knowledge and share experiences on “tomorrow’s museum” ; Museomix is managing one of the main tasks –.

That day will be the first of the MuseomixCamp.
Methodological/practical workshops will be organized herein. A time is reserved for free crossed-talking. The program is under construction and still widely open ; a G-doc will be shared in a few days.
Program of Day 2 and Day 3 of the MsxCamp are not so clear yet, but will include a few other practical workshops, with participation of local business and museum partners.

So the (pretty good) idea of a belgian meeting before July is linked to the summary of such an encounter : with only a few points to discuss, one can manage to address all of them during the MsxCamp.
With a long list of items, there’s a chance to be short of time in July ; a second meeting would therefore be more necessary.

Up to the community !

Have a nice day,
Jean Pierre
Museomix Auvergne Rhône-Alpes