Museomix mexico 2016

Hello community!

We had a delay on the kick off on this year activities in Mexico City. Nevertheless I would like to happily announce that the Museomix MX community is all set and ready to organize for the second year Museomix on a Mexican museum. So far we have three options to choose from:

  1. Anthropology National Museum
  2. Universum
  3. Mide

Our favorite option is the Anthropology National Museum, because it is where the most important archeological exhibition of Mexico´s prehispanic history is hosted. We will finalized the negotiations with them in a couple of weeks. Therefore, we all like to ask for an extension on the due date to present our candidacy. We are very excited because this is one of the most important museums in Mexico and has the space, equipment and services we need to host Museomix.

We already have two sponsors willing support us, which is a wonderful news because last year we had some struggles and it was a very delicate issue for us.

We also like to share with you a great news! The Bizot group, is having its meeting at the Anthropology National Museum just one weekend away from MuseoMix (Nov 17th to 19th). Directors of the most important museums around the world get together to discuss projects, future exhibitions etc.

We are very excited with the idea of sharing with them MuseoMix, some of them like the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Fine Arts Museum of Mexico City had host MuseoMix already and know how it works. But many others don’t. So we think is great opportunity to bring MuseoMix’s project and our community close the most important museums of the world. We want to participate on some way during our marathon and have live transmission with the rest of the MuseoMix’s to show all of our work.

Please let us know if the dates can be moved one week to match both events, the international marathon and the Bizot meeting.

We are very enthusiastic about the idea to establish a relationship (Staff and museomixers) with the Bizot group and to show them on life how Museomix works.

We are open to hear any suggestions , advice or any idea about this!

Have a wonderful meeting in Paris!

Hola @RobertoLopez !

I just sent an email to everyone so you can fill in the grid and see which museum would be the best for museomix.
Right now, it’s in french. But I’m trying to find a translation for you !

Que te vaya bien ! :slight_smile: