Museomix training for new communities (Brazil)

Dear all,

We (@MarialyaB @cmonnet and I) were in three cities in Brazil (Recife, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo) from 15 to 31th August to run a training about Museomix - how to organize a community and how to organize an event. :brazil:

The training was coordinated by @lauramaringoni and supported by the french ambassy in Brazil. It was directly following a first visit in 2016 by @Fabrice_Denise1 and @MarialyaB and a visit in France and Switzerland during Museomix 2016 by a brazilian team.

Be ready to welcome the new community of Museomix PE (Pernambuco) in North East Brazil and maybe Museomix SP in Sao Paulo ! :fist_right: :fist_left:
The Museomix MG (Minas Gerais) community driven by @Marcela-Bresil @priscila and others is being ready to welcome international museomixers in november 2017 :earth_americas:

We spent 40 hours of training with the participants (10 to 14 hours in every city)
During the training we spoke as well as digital opportunities for culture, organization of Museomix, stories of museomixers, etc. It was really interesting to build the training as something helpful for a new community.

A starter kit sums up documents and ressources, access, etc. that could help a new community in the Museomix jungle. It’s really linked to the training and the hours we spent with every group of participants on-site.

We also worked before the training on a lexicon to share with the translators as they can understand specific words frequently used in Museomix. Here is the spreadsheet in french and portuguese BR, can be completed in english and other languages

Maybe some of you are interested in the process of “training” and are currently helping others communities to start ? Let us know



I’m Yazmín Guerrero from Mexico’s community. We are in touch with María Gabriela Mena, from Ecuador, in order to pass our 2 editions experience since she expressed her interest in making Museomix Ecuador in 2018. We heard that other spanish speaker countries want to start Museomix for 2018, so, maybe it would be a good idea to have a regional training encounter next year. Mexican community can co-work in the organization if any other community is interested.
Best regards to everyone!

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