News from Mexico!

Hey we got a message from @yazmin Mexcican community! Maybe they can give a hand to @gabrielamenag :wink:
See her message below:

Hello Museomix community!

My name is Yazmín Guerrero, I’m writing to you from Mexico City. I do research, curatorship and content development for museums, galleries and other cultural institutions from Mexico and Latin America.

In 2015, I participated in the first edition of MuseomixMX as “museomixer”. Then, in 2017, Paula González-Rubio invited me to be part of the staff as head of the Mediation and Content Development area.

In 2017, Roberto, who co-organized Museomix in 2015, was no longer involved in the project, and Paula had to retired by the middle of the year because she was about to be a mom again. The 3 day event did happen but with great difficulty. We stayed out of the global community dynamics, mainly because we were a 2 people staff with full commitment but no budget, and with no idea on how to approach the global community.

This year, there’s already a team of mexican museum workers who are willing to give continuity to the MuseomixMX project. We want to know what can we do to become an active part of the global community and to maintain the work that Paula and Roberto started here in 2015.

Maybe we could schedule an online meeting to know each other and talk about this. Please let me know if that’s possible, we would really appreciate it.

Best regards,

Yazmín Guerrero Reyes


Hello everyone!

Thank you very much, Marilyne, for introducing me in the post.

Museomix Mexico has a new team. We want to find the way to share our experience (I did participated as staff in 2017) and to hear yours.

We are already in contact with Maria Gabriela from Ecuador. I’m super happy to see her doing such a good job with the organization.

We have a new few goals for this year:

  1. Be more active in the global community communications (starting right now!)
  2. There are some mexican museums outside Mexico city interested in organizing Museomix. We want to help them built their own Museomix teams, passing on the experience of our 2 editions.
  3. Last year we where thinking about making the Museomix Kids edition, but as we where a small staff by then with almost no budget, we couldn’t afford it. But this year, with a new team, new partners, and hopefully new budget, we would want to make it happen. We are already working on the proposal. As soon as we get it done, I’ll post it here so you can check it out and give us your opinions.

Please, let me know what you think about it. We would love to hear from you all.

Best regards!

Yazmín Guerrero


Great news @yazmin !

Please, note that there is an inter-community meeting this very week-end in Bologna, maybe you can follow in a remote way.

All is on this thread of post : Inter-Co Bologna 2018

And you can have a look at our common wiki as well:


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hello ! for 2018 I think it is too late for organising a museomix, but maybe you could begin now for a museomix in 2019 !

In Inter-Co, maybe we could organize hours (one hour two times, depending of the jetlag), to communicate in live through the wiki and maybe viber, or skype… with the communities who couldn’t be there, what do you think about that ? (I write it again on the channel inter-Co)


Hi Yazmin @yazmin

Great news that you were able to connect with the global community.

@Marilyne: I have been I touch with Jazmin since the first steps of the Ecuadorian community and she has helped me a lot! She is amazing for organizing Museomix! So we will keep in touch helping each other!