Recensement des communautés en 2023

MuseoSudmix @Sam_G @MarieJulieSudmix @MelissaChiquet , et (je l’ai vu sur les réseaux) Museomix Aura @damien_P @samy , @museomixalsace ont annoncé qu’ils organisaient des museomix cette année ! Je sais par @lpalli que ce sera une année de pause pour MuseomixCH.
Et les autres communautés, que devenez-vous ?
@Ros et @AnnaWarri pour Museomix Italia le musée de Lecco cherche à vous joindre et est très intéressé…
à très vite !

MuseoSudmix @Sam_G @MarieJulieSudmix @MelissaChiquet , and (I saw that on Social networks) Museomix Aura @damien_P @samy , @museomixalsace told they will organize Museomix events this year ! I heard by @lpalli that it will be a year without for MuseomixCH.
And the other communities, how do you do ?
@Ros and @AnnaWarri for Museomix Italia, il Museo Naturalistico de Lecco want to join you and seems to be very interested to host a museomix !
looking forward !

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And sorry for our absence in the last period, we’re coming back.
Ilario from Lecco Museum has just written us, we’re going to manage the contact to understand if they could be ready for a Museomix or maybe for a smaller format :slight_smile:

See you!


Ciao Rosanna,
I red your post about Faenza museum, and I saw pictures of Bologna, Faenza and other places in Emilia Romagna, it is terrible. How are you and all museomix and Bam people, homes, office ?
I think in these conditions the museum of Lecco finally would wait for 2024 session…
If you and MSX Italia community need some help, tell us, as we can see what we can do…
many thoughts,