Repenser un wiki?


Hi !
There is an error message on some pages of the wiki : for example “website use” : we should update the pad or export it or it will be deleted. Maybe we should find a way to archive the pads of the wiki…?



Hello @Margot
@celia_cbo speaking from the interco session in Bologna :wink:

Thanks for alerting us on the pad suppression
I’ve modified the pad of the page “Website Use” so now the delay is reported to more than 180 days… I guess it’s enough to modify it from time to time

Regarding the other pads used to take collaborative notes during our intercommunity events, I suggest to copy/paste the texte and save it on the webpage itself so we can delete the pads. I’ve done some today



2 people cannot edit the same page at the same time on the wiki!

If we need a collaborative tool, we can use Framapad directly embed in the wiki page.

A tutoriel is available on wiki homepage