Summer Camp 2023

I post this message from Fernanda that is unable to post here:

Hello everyone,

We would like to organise a Summer Camp this year to meet and to work all together, that’s why we had a meeting this week talking about it.

So as promised, here are some new dates we propose to meet for this year 2023, with the community Ile-de-France hosting.

We’ll need you to vote in the form and then we’ll probably meet again on June 15th to confirm the exact date and the agenda.

Here is the link to read the notes from the last meeting.

To see the proposal about the agenda and cultural activities, you’ll find attached the presentation we did for all of you (Note: in the presentation we wrote the first proposal we had for the date 30/06-2/07 but remember to vote in the form above for the date that best fits your community, so we can be the most of us !)

Ps If you want to help us prepare the Summer Camp agenda (a last version) let us know, the more the merrier!

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

For the community
Museomix IDF

Thanks Luca, very helpful your message, sorry we weren’t able as Museomix Italia to participate in last online Interco, but we try to organize to participate in some way to summer camp.
We don’t plan to have Museomix this year, but maybe some related activities during Autumn, we will update you as soon as we know.
We’re waiting to know about next interco meeting online, and we hope is possible to be present.


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