Tech shop topic comes back

@Marilyne @pvincent @cmonnet

may be its a little to early to speak about this Museomix asset (il found only one conversation speaking about that …in october 2015 (Musée de Bretagne).

We would like to know which is the best updated list to build the Paris Museomix Techshop.

We found one on line on Drive Museomix 2016 nammed “Liste des matériels requis - Techshop - Basé sur MuseomixAzur 2015”, provided maybe by @Marilyne.

Is-it the best one to build in its own?
If not this topic is-it forcasted during the next interco meeting ?

Thk u in adv for ur help

Hello Pierre
May be this one, more recent, can be use as inspiration We recently share it with brasilian communities, the list is also build from Erasme techshop experience.
All the best

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