Formulaire d'enregistrement des participants 2017 | Registration form 2017


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Thanks! When I want to have the page in two languages, do I just need to select the language in addition or do I need to copy the page first?


I have found the things now.

The only problem (maybe @juliendorra you can help me?) I still have is: On I still have the English description of the museum, even though I have filled in the content in German in the back end. Any idea what I did wrong? Thanks


Hi everyone!
Now that I have time to take care again of the site, after the Summer Camp, I’m having some trouble with the translations (or at least I think the problem is that…).
When I try to fill the needed fields in a new translation, the one named “edition” (wich is mandatory for being published) does not allow me to enter any value, so I’m stuck there at the last step before the upload.
Any ideas on how to fix that? Did anyone had the same problem?


Hi, I have a few days to work on Museomix (and prepare the september call so it’s less chaotic and fully prepared/translated … for example we had trouble having all places shown in each translations… people probably missed the various places :frowning: )

First thing,

I just de-activated the form. Sorry for the delay. You might have a couple of late people that answered in the last few days.

Second thing,

that might help you, there is a guide here if you want to export a nice PDF with a candidate on each page:
You can then browse the PDF quickly or even print it if you are all around a table – makes the selection easier and quicker (from experience!! :slight_smile:) compared to trying to make sense of the sheet.
This guide only use only LibreOffice, a free and libre tool (in short: import sheet as database, then mailmerge the data and generate a doc).

Regarding the export to PDF guide: It seems we don’t have an updated ODS (doc template in LibreOffice) with the right fields ready. If a community create an ODS corresponding to the fields in the sheet, please do share this template ODS with other communities!! as it will make exporting a snap (creating the template being probably the most tedious task)

[edit] We have 414 submissions for this call.

As a comparison, we had 805 submission for the 2016 june call last year, and so we probably are a little on the low side this year in term of reaching out to the wider community. It will be interesting to see what categories are missing the most.


Hi @Marilyne
I am trying to update our info (we have decided to become Museomix España and not Euskadi), and also uploading the info about the museum and the city.
My question is regarding the “Lieux”, the info that appears is just the one in french, where I put more details in the spanish version, but the site doesn’t let me to put the spanish version in this page.

Any tips to solve this? The page is created in the backend.
Thank you,


@Marilyne Here also I am trying to translate Edition 2017 in spanish but there is no that option:


Ok I think I made it!! The only thing is that we don’t appear when you just click in Communities,

And that when you are in the spanish version it appears like this the info of the museum

Because in the backend the structure is not the same than in FR or EN, where there are blank spaces to fill, in spanish there is just a big one.

Thanks you!


Bonjour Maryline,

Je viens d’aller vérifier le site dans sa version anglaise afin de voir si du côté de notre communauté quelqu’un pouvait traduire en anglais la présentation de notre édition mise en ligne le 14 juillet dernier.

Et il s’avère, que l’ensemble des musées n’est pas inscrit sous forme de liste et que notre présentation n’apparait pas sous forme de vignette… Peut-être faut-il avoir une traduction valide pour apparaître ? Ou alors j’ai oublié de cocher quelque chose en rédigeant la présentation ?

Ps : je ne suis pas bien sûre d’avoir compris ton message initial, de ce fait je m’excuse si la réponse est déjà apparue…

Merci par avance,

Nina pour Museomix Nord


I make a check on the full application file and I founded some people having applied on more places (I checked only identical mails and/or IP), we must be carefully about it.
My “analysis” is in an Excel file, I can share to interested people or maybe @juliendorra can use to integrate the information in the original Google Sheet document.


j’ai fait pareil, j’ai checké les personnes qui ont candidaté sur plusieurs lieux. Du coup, pour info, comme à MSX IDF on avait beaucoup de candidatures, on a largement éliminé celles-ci, à l’exception de : Margot Coïc, et Manon Beligni, que nous avons gardées. Donc pour tous/tes les autres, on les a laissé.e.s pour les autres musées.

in museomix idf, we only keep Margot Coic and Manon Beligni, and let for the others all the other ones who applied in many places.



Bonjour, suite à notre sélection des participants hier soir, nous avons pris pour l’édition Suisse Clémence Mestrallet qui à aussi postulé pour MX Biot et Jeanne Ragot qui a aussi postulé pour Nîmes et Paris.

We selected the participants for MX Switzerland last night. Just so you can update your files, we have chosen Clémence Mestrallet who also applied for MX Biot and Jeanne Ragot who applied for Nîmes and Paris.



Hello to all !

I prefer to be early then too late : do we already have a plan on how to launch the 2nd call in september ?

Which information do we need in order to launch it ?
@juliendorra ?

Thx in advance :slight_smile:


Bonsoir !
nous aimerions savoir si les candidat.e.s qui ont postulé à plusieurs endroits (dont Paris) et que nous n’avons pas retenu.e.s pour être museomixeurs-ses ont été acceptés ailleurs (nous avons bien noté les retenus de Lausanne, merci @tania_jenkins :slight_smile: ). Dans le cas où ils/elles n’auraient pas été retenu.e.s, nous allons proposer à certain.e.s, notamment ceux qui vivent en région parisienne, mais pas que, de participer dans l’orga, pôle Ressources…
Merci d’avance pour vos réponses qui nous permettront de ne pas envoyer des mails et attendre des réponses pour rien…!

we would like to know if the people who applied on several places (and Paris), and we didn’t keep as museomixers here have been chosen elsewhere (thanks to @tania_jenkins for her post for Lausanne !) We would like to invite the ones chosen by no one to get along in the orga and resources team.
Thanks for answering !


alors plus précisement : @magda_sudmix et @NinaDebail, avez-vous donné une réponse positive à S. Bah Chuzeville (en fabrication) ? Merci d’avance pour la réponse !


Hello Catherine,

De notre côté, nous n’avons pas encore fait notre sélection, sûrement semaine prochaine. Nous avons 5 candidatures en fabrication pour 4 places. Donc je ne peux pas m’avancer pour la communauté.

A ++


Pour info et de source sûre, MuseomixNord a mis une option sur Stan B C… :wink:


Yes, hi all, @juliendorra, is there a plan for this?


Hello @juliendorra,

I hope you are doing ok.
We were wondering if you could let open the registration form for another 15 days because of the 15 days of pause and trauma we had after de earthquake on Septembrer 19th.

Hope it will be possible.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and have a nicce evening.

Best Regards



Hi! In Spain we are also extending the inscription time. To avoid any trouble, we’ve create our main formulaire d’inscription, based in the main one. We’ll manage the inscriptions directly.
Is that ok?