Inter-communuty organisation

Hi, I’m opening this topic to discuss anything related to sharing information, managing common contacts and documents between communities.

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Here’s a copy of the discussion started yesterday.

@Marilyne What is the personal contacts table for?
Wouldn’t it better to fill THIS FORM directly?
This Google Sheet has been used (and proved useful!) through several Museomix sessions. It lists all possible tasks and missions we’ll need to name a coordinator/“soucieux” for, it basically describes all organisational needs and allows to find all the contacts you need in one single place!
(I’ve created a copy of the 2014’s version and typed in some basic information: feel free to complete ! The doc is now available in “Museomix 2016” folder)…

Marilyne :
…I do not have access to the doc you mention…
As we are in the same boat this year, I think it’s cool to have a mean to reach and communicate with each other and to have everything in the same folder we are using from the beginning.
Maybe could you copy the doc you mention in the folder :

I’ve just changed sharing options for the document I mentioned earlier. Now everyone with a link can reach and change it.

The folder you’re using is destined for the documents related to the museums selection and it just a part of a mother folder “Museomix 2016” (which itself is part of the “Museomix” folder in use since 2012).
The best way to keep track of all the shared documents is to organize them directly there.

Like in the past years, there are already a few thematic folders in it (Admin / Budgets / Communication / Design des espaces…). I’ll make sure every community’s coordinator has an acces to it. Then it will be everyone’s responsability to share documents or entire folders with your communities’ other members. As one of the basic principles of Museomix is to stay as open source as possible, just make sure :

  • you do not share any personal information without appropriate authorisations
  • you make copies of all the documents before moving or modifying them (e.g. you need to reuse a communication plan or to adapt a technshop inventory someone else created for your own community -> make a copy so that the original document remains unchanged and available).
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Here you go : I’ve shared the folder with the communities that “checked in” at @Marilyne’s call !
If you’re not among them, let me know :innocent: