Webform for the call of participation of Museomix 2016


date of the week-end for Swiss is from the 11.09 to 13.09 (BAsel and Nyon)

11/11 to 13/11 indeed? :slight_smile:


Yes @juliendorra, you are right! :wink:
I confirm, from 11.11.2016 to 13.11.2016 for both Museomix CH events (in Basel and Nyon)


Julien … pam pam pam! Julien … pam pam pam! Julien … pam pam pam! go for it!
We promise:
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We are looking forward to the link!!
Best wishes, Iris :slight_smile:


C’est juste moi ou le formulaire ne fonctionne pas? La page avec tous les détails s’affiche, mais au bas, où ça dit «Cliquez ici…», il manque l’hyperlien.

@juliendorra à vérifier svp :slight_smile:



Where can I access the Dutch version of the participation form? I really would like to review it if possible.

Concerning MuseomixBE:

  1. We stick to the same amount for the participation fee.

  2. We don’t know yet if we will do the call in 2 steps. How are the others dealing with the museomixers call?
    Btw it’s September 1st (and not “th”) :wink: Should be changed in the participation form as well.

  3. Our museomix is happening from 11 to 13th november.

Thank you very much!!!


https://form.jotform.com/61436655057964 and “nederlands” in the dropdown (i think it’s the Jotform only option for Dutch)


(one thing you could check is if there is the same information in french and dutch!)


Hi @juliendorra ,
here you find the Italian translation of the form https://www.dropbox.com/s/j03qtc9xuce0j1c/call_ita.docx?dl=0
We’re translating the landing page, too.

How is it possible to modify the single Museomix description? We’d like to update infos…

We absolutely need the call to be active asap, 'cause on Sunday there is an aperomix in Terni and on Monday we have the National Aperomix in Bologna.



Hi @juliendorra ,

Thanks for the update! I just read the application page, it’s written that we can apply till the 1st of september: it’s till the 15th of july. And the announce pf the choice of the candidates will be on the 1st of september. (cf the minute of the association meeting of last week end )
I can change it in the BO, ok for you?

And more annoying, I’m on firefox and >> Cliquez ici pour le formulaire de candidature. << has no link (no href) so impossible to get to the page… If you give me the link, I can do the update. (@Davinook maybe you can help?)

Please, let me know if I can help in any way :slight_smile:




thanks! Right now the page is not accessible, so can you go in the “Share” settings and create a share link for everyone to read and comment (and why not edit if other want to chime in and finf typos, etc)

The translation in italian will be up in the following hours, as soon as I can copy/paste it (field by field, alas. it’s a pain :wink:


Allo Julien,

Pourrais-tu vérifier le lien sur le site de museomix.org? Impossible de cliquer pour accéder au formulaire. SVP, j’aimerais envoyer le communiqué aujourd’hui sans faute.



Hello Julien,

You can find below, the introduction in Dutch for the dutch participation form because I saw that it is in english at the moment. Of course, information about the participation fee of Mexico is to be removed in case they don’t organize any Museomix this year (I put it in bold).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Deelname aan 2016

Via het volgende formulier kan u uw kandidatuur voor Museomix indienen.

Museomix stelt multi-displinaire teams samen. Geef ons dus een maximum aan concrete informatie over uw vaardigheden, uw ervaring en uw projecten, zodat we een goed beeld kunnen vormen van de plaats die u in een team zal kunnen opnemen. Hoe preciezer u bent, hoe beter wij ons kunnen verzekeren dat de vaardigheden van de geselecteerde museomixers complementair zullen zijn om de magie van Museomix te verzekeren!

Al u geselecteerd wordt, engageert u zich om beschikbaar te zijn voor uw team gedurende de 3 volledige dagen van het evenement en om bij te dragen voor de onkosten van de catering.

Deze bijdrage bedraagt 50€ in Frankrijk en België, 65 CHF in Zwitserland, $100 in Canada en 1100 pesos in Mexico. Voor leden van instituten of gemeenschappen wordt de inleg in de kost verhoogd en kan hen worden terugbetaald door hun werkgever als maaltijdsvergoeding.


thanks @Jenniferlv I added this intro and also added the translation for the new language this year: italiaan :slight_smile:


c’est corrigé, tu peux envoyer :slight_smile:



Easy to fix, but is that a decision that all communities agreed on? Switzerland wants a call ending june 30th (@leila_bouanani above in this thread) and I believe some communities wanted a continuous call all summer (Rivière du loup? @RachelBSL ?)


At MuseomixBE,
We also thought to end the 1st call around 15th July (with response to the museomixers in 1 or 2weeks) and do a 2nd recall if needed.

All the communities should agree on 1 procedure, if I understand well?


Having a single date is indeed easier including in term of communication toward the candidates.

But if necessary we can manage two dates (July 15th for all, June 30th for Switzerland)


Dear Julien, thanks for the link!
Can you just exchange the year 2015 in the bottom to 2016? Name of question:“Où voulez-vous Museomixer en 2015 ?”
That would be great!


Hi all,

Thank you @juliendorra for your answer and it’s great the webform is on !!!

Please all as there are 18 places this year, and different dates, please, could you fill this form to have the dates of every body in the same place: the dates of application and event

For the first call, I propose to share a first date that is the 1st of July, and to give the information to all (on the website and social media) if it can go later ie. july 4th or september 1st.
It would be more difficult to say that for everybody it’s till september 1st, and taht some close earlier, the candidates would be deceived…

Please let me know if this is ok for you !




I agree with the fact that we should limit the 1st call and filled the form.

However I still think that July 1st is really close and by the time we communicated the call, people haven’t enough time to be informed and apply, I would really recommend to extend it until the 15th July.