Webform for the call of participation of Museomix 2016

HI everyone,

As we discussed during the last meeting in Paris, we need to prepare the form for the call of participation.
It needs to be ready for the 15 of june.
Needed to be transalated in italian
@juliendorra : peux-tu nous partager le document à préparer pour 2016?

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Hey Leila,

Did you receive any response?

@juliendorra Would be great to have the participation form in order to start the translation :wink:

Hi, here is a clone of last year form:


you should be able to check the 5 languages (for any errors left).

In addition to italian, to we need another language?

If there is no change to the fields (except for museums/cities of courses!) it will be really fast and painless to put a clone online and just add the italian translation.
If we go craazy changing the form… well… multiply every change by 6 languages, and… :wink:

Thanks @juliendorra :sunny:
cc @Jenniferlv here is the form
Let’s check the doc,

Dear Julien!
we checked the german part. It is saved on:

It was checked by two persons, so I hope there is no more mistake inside.
I have one question:
Can we describe the 6 categories a little more, so the people who apply can choose their group more easily?
I inserted a possiblity. If it is too much, we can just do a link to the website.
Just write to me for any questions. iris.staudecker@museomix.ch
@leila_bouanani - just to let you know :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Iris

@juliendorra do you know if the call of participation of Museomix 2016 will be on line on the 15 of june ?
Who is updating the main website with link ?

I’m back on the issue starting this weekend, so we’ll definitely have the call online. I’ll update the website.
Do we need a new translation for the call web page proper? Or did last year languages cover it all?

This is the role of the web page for the call. I’ll put them back up (there is one for each language) so you can all check them.

Hey Julien,

Maybe I’m gonna ask obvious questions but the persons who handled the Museomixers’ Call last year are no longer there, so I’m not sure of the answers ^^

  • Can we extend ‘localy’ the museomixers’ call until the 4th of July ? (we are taking advantage of a free day in the MAS on the 29th of june to aperomix & recruit there)
  • can we make sure that belgian museomixers will speak english ?

Thx in advance or your help !
If you need anything from us, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:
Charlotte - MuseomixBE

Hi! Sorry for the delay! Me and @Ros are in a hurry to prepare our aperomix next monday and we didn’t see this very important conversation! @juliendorra is this form https://form.jotform.com/61436655057964 ready to be translated in Italian? How can we help you with the translation? sending to someone the text in a doc or putting it directly in the backend of jot form site?

have a nice day!


One more question: what should be the other possible date of Museomix? Is finally 4-6 november confirmed ?
We’d like to divide the 4 Italian museomix into two weekends!


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@juliendorra est-ce que tu nous envoies le lien ce soir ou demain matin ?
est-ce que tout est bien ok ? apparemment pas de traduction en italien ?

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Hi Elena, is this link the right call we should rely on? i have translated it in italian so if this is fine i am going to send you by mail ok?


The link is the participation form of 2015, isn’t it?!
When would it be possible to start the call of museomixers?

Should be ready later today – we can add the italian translation in the following days, as soon as it is ready cc @ElenaBertelli

@Chiara_org @Jenniferlv it is last year call, I shared it for everybody to revise it / translate it. The new call should be up today, and we can check and update it in the following days (there is always something to alter !!)


@Chiara_org thanks! Send it by email to Elena and me, then we will adapt it to the new version.
And send it to @juliendorra asap!

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We ask the languages spoken. Do you mean that if someone is speaking only flemish or french, you will not select them? Maybe you could ask other multilingual communities (ie. the swiss community) for advices here?
If you plan to only accept participants that speaks english, we indeed need to be very clear on that criteria.

You can check the usual criterias here: http://www.museomix.org/appel-a-participants-2015/


here’s a preliminary call for participant 2016 page – this is the page we should direct participants so they know precisely what they are engaging in (we shouldn’t direct them directly to the form, as it’s quite important that they get the complete information)

in english : http://www.museomix.org/en/call-for-participants-2016/
in french : http://www.museomix.org/appel-a-participants-2016/

(I got 3 translations more from 2015 that I can copy/paste and adapt quite easily: Dutch, German and Spanish. Italian is missing and would have to be added in the next days.)

Here are some points where I need the validation of the communities before I can wrap the call and form :slight_smile:

  • Participation fees, are the amounts right for you? (especially in new countries like Italy – they are a part of your budget and help offset the cost of food, so they are important. Montreal has 3 fee waiving seats for whoever would ask and send something they created – but nobody asked for a waiver.)

  • Dates for the call! I understood we are doing a single call starting now and ending september 1th, but: do you plan to confirm to participants their selection every month, or at the end? What is the incentive for people to answer now? Do we announce “batches”, for example first batch july 1st, then july 31th, then september 1st?

  • Dates for the weekend! Is there a second weekend this year? What did the communities decided? Who needs another date?

  • Are Mexico and Montreal really out this year? Or just in silent/invisible/undercover mode?


HI @juliendorra,

  • The fees are OK for us,

  • Dates of call : we have communicated from the 15.06 until the 30.06 so we need it to close for Switezreland at that date.

  • date of the week-end for Swiss is from the 11.09 to 13.09 (BAsel and Nyon)

Thanks for your work, and we really need the link today, because we have already communicated yesterday and we have 2 big aperomixs tonight :slight_smile: